Cielo Mar Reservation Requests

April 6, 2017

A notification has been posted on the Cielo Mar blog at –

Reservation Requests for Cielo Mar

Several parties have offered certain commitments in order to secure lots for the First Reservation Offer, including the commitment to build as soon as the first phase execution plan allows, as well as waiving the option for refund of the reservation deposit. Because these terms are most favorable for the business, we will be accepting reservations in an order of priority, as follows:

  1. First to reserve, commitment to build, and non-refundable deposit
  2. First to reserve, commitment to build
  3. First to reserve, non-refundable deposit
  4. First to reserve

The first step in the reservation process will be for interested parties to submit a Reservation Request, and will begin on or before Tuesday, April 11.

The Reservation Request involves completing a form on the Cielo Mar website. The information from this form will be included in a Reservation Agreement that will be returned to those that are accepted, on or before April 21, for signing and returning with payment.

Detailed instructions and additional information will be provided in the coming days.

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Company Update

April 3, 2017

New photos and videos have been added to the agriculture project page. Many of the irrigation main pipes have now been buried, and above-ground stations are being installed. When all have been completed, the drip tubing will be added. Planting will be in 2 weeks.

The company has received inquiries regarding the recent Form D filing (available on EDGAR and OTC Markets). The Form D is a compliance requirement related to the bridge financing discussed in our previous update on March 25. As noted in the March 25 blog post, our intention is to pay off all notes in cash.

The website was launched last week, including the posting of the pre-sales reservation offer. Though lot reservations are not yet being accepted, we are very pleased with the strong interest we have already received. Those interested in reserving lots are encouraged to sign up for updates and notifications on the site, and include a message regarding their interest in front line oceanfront and/or general lots.

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Company Update

March 25, 2017

Development of the farming operation is progressing smoothly, and Contel will soon have the chile pepper plants in the ground.

On the real estate side, Alejandro has used a drone for aerial photography of the Cielo Mar development site. We hope to have a video prepared in time for the Cielo Mar website launch, and will add it to the site as soon as completed. Contel shared in the use of the drone for also recording video of the Arenoso farm land, and we will post it on the agriculture project page when editing is finished.

As noted in the Subsequent Events in this week’s 10-Q filing, we are continuing to use alternative financing for funding the early stage of our projects. We see these notes as bridge financing. While we do have the $5M equity line through Tangiers Global available, we do not feel it suitable to draw on at this time. The terms are better for the new notes, as they do not include incentive shares or warrants. Our intention is to pay off all notes in cash, as we did with the Tangiers note in January and the Hopple note earlier this month, in order to avoid conversion.

The majority of our expenditures are going into the agriculture operations, much of this being initial infrastructure “one-time” costs (e.g. irrigation, fencing/installation, machinery), all of which will go on our books as receivables that will be paid back to ProGreen out of revenue from the harvest before profits. Most of the expenditure will be finished once the planting of the chile peppers is completed, and revenues will start in July with the first harvest.

A preview of the home page for the Cielo Mar website is now live at We’ll be announcing the launch of the site next week. It will then include details of the first offer for reservations of single family lots at Cielo Mar.

Have a great weekend

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Business Update

March 13, 2017

A quick update on the past week:

  • The continued progress on the Agriculture land, where Contel is growing the red chile peppers, has been very good and is moving along quite rapidly.
  • New photos showing the work in progress were added Sunday to the Agricultural project page.
  • Miguel Espino (Farm Foreman) has also been added to the Contel “About” page.
  • As it has not been stated very clearly earlier, the first of our farms, now branded “ProGreen Farms,” is situated in an area that is locally called “Arenoso.”
  • We have produced a ProGreen Business Summary / Fact sheet to effectively convey our business model and activities over the past year. The company has initiated an awareness campaign to distribute this message, including a 30-day iHub advertising contract. The Business Summary will be included in an email message that iHub will send to their commercial email list of 160,000 investors.

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Baja Business Update

March 06, 2017

After a very productive week in Baja I am pleased to provide the following update:


  • Miguel Espino – Contel recently hired Miguel as Foreman and Supervisor in charge of all growing operations and he is making great contributions, reducing costs considerably to early estimates.
  • Contel is making rapid progress, the land will be ready in time for transplanting of the red chile pepper plants. Last week, we had 16 people working on the land preparations under Miguel’s direction, and this has now increased to 44, to complete the work required at this point.
  • Two large trailers are being delivered to the site this week, one for personnel accommodation and the other for storage.
  • The photos on the website Agricultural page illustrate a short tour of Baja Plants in San Quintin, the nursery that is growing our seedlings.
  • Additional photos show the progress that Miguel is making on the preparation of the first tract of land  – now branded with the ProGreen Farms trademark.
  • At the AgroBaja trade show we made new contacts with suppliers for farming equipment.

Cielo Mar

  • The preparation for the transfer of the deeds into Procon’s name, is progressing as planned, and an announcement will be made when completed including the details of the purchase.
  • First phase of Master Plan is underway, with Alejandro now having started on the Topographic plan as a consultant to Procon, he will formally become the General Manager of Procon in April.
  • Laura Delia Espinoza Jáuregui, Architect, has been added to the team and will also be working on the master plan.
  • The photos on the website Real Estate page show close-up pics of the Cielo Mar oceanfront land. We expect to have more pictures and videos captured from a drone to be posted in the near future.
  • We are broadening, what we now see as a “Secondary Advisory Board” for Cielo Mar. This group of individuals will have no direct responsibilities within the organization, but will provide positive influence regarding technical, social and political issues, as well as with connections and networking.

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February 16, 2017

As we have declared earlier, our plan is to have solar as the only source to generate electric power within our development, Cielo Mar. For this to be feasible, we need to join forces with a strong partner, able to provide the expertise and production capacity to provide for our large solar needs. After researching into the different solutions available, including the newly launched Tesla Solar Roofs, we do believe SolTech Energy Sweden AB (SolTech) to be the most suitable company to partner with.

SolTech, with its extensive experience in large installations, has a solar solution that is not only aesthetically appealing but that also provides technical specifications suitable for our needs. SolTech’s “solar shingles” is a building material, replacing the need for other roof cladding. It generates electricity, not only from direct sunlight – but from any light, direct and indirect – making it viable for the whole roof to serve as a power plant.

This solution will effectively eliminate the need for any electric infrastructure, which will reduce the total development cost immensely.

We are currently working with SolTech on a collaboration agreement for both the Cielo Mar development and Contel’s agriculture operations.

Once these installations begin to scale upward, the combined capacity of solar energy could very quickly elevate us to being the largest non-industrial producer of solar power in Baja California.

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The Creation of Cielo Mar

Management Team. We will be making a formal announcement at a later time, but we are very pleased already at this point, to be able to confirm that Alejandro Espinoza Arroyo will be joining Procon as the General Manager for our real estate project. A General Manager is equivalent to what is known as a COO in the US.  Alejandro is 59, an accomplished Civil Engineer, who will first be working as a consultant to Procon, responsible for producing the topographical plan needed to create the Master Plan for the development, Cielo Mar. Once this has been completed, Alejandro will come onboard full time as the General Manager to lead the development. He will also be building the right support team. We will publish Alejandro’s full bio in the near future. However, it is impressive, to say the least, and will clearly show that he will be a real asset for the company, and the right man for the job.

Below is a chart showing Procon’s anticipated structure. Going forward, we will be adding names and biographies of the individuals, once the appointments have been confirmed.


Another thing on the agenda last week, was to identify a suitable office in Ensenada, to serve as headquarters for all of our activities in Baja. We believe we have now found the perfect property. The location is very impressive for what we are looking for, and we will be submitting a formal offer this week for a long term lease. This office will also serve as a permanent property exhibition, as part of the marketing program for Cielo Mar in Baja.

As you have probably understood by now, we have decided on the name for our new community. “Cielo Mar”. Translated into English, Cielo means “heaven” and Mar means “sea.” Our new development will be “heaven by the sea.”

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