Business Update

May 23, 2017

New website – we are excited to be launching a new company website that will be completed next week. Certain content will be unavailable in the meantime.

Arenoso – the pepper plants at Arenoso are doing well, and we expect to be able to have a new aerial video showing the progress of the plants after the first week of June.

Cielo Mar Reservations – 20 lot reservations have now been executed, of the 30 allocated to the First Reservation Offer (

Cielo Mar Master Plan – work continues on the master plan. We believe we will be able to post a first plan sketch showing the different segments and general layout of the Master Plan during the month of June. This will then be updated regularly as progress is being made.

Ensenada Office – working on the design and layout of the office space for our immediate uses; we have 3,000 sq ft available, we anticipate using half of this to start, with the remainder to be added at a later time when we’re ready for sales/marketing of Cielo Mar.

Michigan Property Portfolio – since our most recent update, we have now closed on two further Michigan properties, with another two under contract.

HQ Moving Status – the office furniture and equipment is being shipped out this weekend, and we expect to have the new ProGreen US headquarters, in the northern part of San Diego, fully operational by mid-June.

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Baja Agriculture Update

May 1, 2017

The planting of the chiles last week marked the culmination of 3 months of development of the farm, and the growing operation, at Arenoso.

As the chile seeds were being started at the nursery and the in-ground irrigation system was being designed in February, Miguel – Contel’s foreman for the operation – was busy hiring and directing workers on the land preparations.

The Arenoso farm development effort, most of which was executed over a 2-month period, has been a big success. Each step was looked after carefully to avoid delays, and every milestone was achieved without a hitch – everything from working the soil and removal of tens of truckloads of rocks from the land, to the trailers for living accommodations and storage, to the installation of fences, irrigation pipes, well pumps and plastic covers and drip tubing installation.

By the end of this week, the first 1.4 million chile plants will be in the ground on about 60 acres, to be followed by the remaining plants, consisting of additional varieties of both red and green chiles.

Recent photos showing some of activity and progress of the planting are now posted on the Agriculture Project page at

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Cielo Mar Update

April 19, 2017

We’ve published a table showing the 12 lot reservation requests that were received through yesterday, April 18, on the Cielo Mar website at, also show here:

We will be getting the Reservation Agreements out for these first requests before the end of the week, while the offer remains open for the remaining lots.

As there are more requests for First Line Oceanfront lots than we have offered, those who do not get their requests filled for reservations in the first offer will be first in line for the second offer. We will provide further information on this in the coming days.

As shown in the above image, a Facebook page for Cielo Mar has been created at

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Baja Agriculture Update

April 19, 2017

The setup of the agriculture operation at ProGreen Farms – Arenoso is going according to plan, and we could not be more pleased. Miguel is one of the most accomplished farm foremen in Baja California, and his experience really shows.

There is much talk about ProGreen Farms in San Quintin, where the company is drawing on the workforce, and many are wanting to be a part of this new operation. The farm currently employs a total of 56, with 13 living at the farm.

We have 40 HP pumps installed at the bottom of two of the wells that were drilled on the Arenoso land last year, one at about 220 feet and the other 300 feet below the surface, spaced apart by about ¼ mile. The above-ground pipes for both wells are being connected to feed the irrigation system this week.

Plastic sheeting will be applied over all of the growing area, to which the drip irrigation tubing will be attached, and the pepper plants will be planted through holes in the sheeting material. The plants – currently about 8 inches high – are ready, and they will be planted starting on Monday or possibly as early as Sunday.

We continue to see quite a bit of interest in the Arenoso farm, as can be seen in the above image that we received from Google yesterday. Some of the views may be from growers in the area – or their U.S. or international counterparts – that have taken note of the activity at Arenoso, as some have recently expressed even greater interest than before, to buy the land. Though the company is no longer interested in selling the land, we see this as very positive. Demand for farmable land continues to increase as the demand for produce from Baja increases. This has been the story for many years now, and the industry expects the growth in demand to continue indefinitely. We are looking forward enthusiastically to getting started later this year on the expansion of the growing operation.

We will be posting more new photos on the agriculture page over the coming days.

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Business Brief

April 13, 2017

Here is a brief update before I leave for Baja this morning…

I am pleased to report that we’ve received a good number of reservation requests already for the Cielo Mar lots, including several with commitments for early building.

Alejandro and I will be reviewing the topographical plan of the Cielo Mar land early next week and, together with the architect, we will be working on the master plan.

Our efforts toward generating new awareness of the company and its activities seem to be having some effect, and we are delighted with the activity that we’ve seen on the Cielo Mar website. The Arenoso farm is also getting some attention, as we’ve been notified by Google that the site on Google Maps had 1,367 views just last week:

Click image to view on map

I will be visiting the Arenoso farm over the weekend, and I expect to have some new photos to share upon my return next week.

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Business Update

April 12, 2017

We have received several questions concerning the Form D that was filed last month as well as yesterday. Just for clarification, this is a requirement for a company, not often followed by most, but of great importance to ProGreen, when the time is right to qualify for an up-listing on a better exchange. A Form D only summarizes its funding commitments that can involve issuance of shares and it only relates to funding already completed. With the filing of the Amended Form D yesterday, we show the total amount of funding of $623,500 since September 13, 2016.

As we have made very clear several times before, we have the firm intention to pay off all outstanding notes in cash, in order to avoid any dilution of the stock from conversion.

Of the total of $623,500 shown in the Form D, “Offering and Sales Amounts”, $105,000 has already been paid off in cash, as was announced in the company press release on March 17.

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Reservation Process For Cielo Mar First Offer

April 10, 2017

Cielo Mar – To Make a Reservation

Step 1 – Reservation Request

The first step in the reservation process will be for interested parties to submit a Reservation Request, beginning on Tuesday, April 11 at 12:00 Noon (EDT).

Step 2 – Reservation Accepted, Pending Execution & Payment

Reservation Requests received through 12:00 Midnight (EDT) on April 18 will be accepted in order of the priorities described above, pending receipt of signed Reservation Agreements and payments. A Reservation Agreement (RA) will be prepared with the information provided within accepted Reservation Requests, and will be sent by email to the requester for signing, including instructions for making payment of the Reservation Deposit.

Step 3 – Sign & Return Reservation Agreement With Photo ID, Make Payment

Within 72 hours of receipt, the Reservation Agreement must be signed and returned with a photocopy of the requester’s State Drivers License or State Identification Card, along with payment of the Reservation Deposit. Options will include payment by check, wire transfer or checking account (ACH) through the Cielo Mar website. Necessary details will be provided with the Reservation Agreement.

Weekly Processing of Requests

Reservation Requests for the First Offer will be accumulated on a weekly basis, after which, a completed Reservation Agreement (RA) will be sent to the requester for each accepted request.

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